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A moving image or a still one. It is all about telling a story.

Preferably a story that touches the audience; gives them something

to wake up with the next day or shine a different light on their lives. 

A story of strong content for which I love to design and create

new worlds.


As a production designer I translate the written word into a visual one with a high sense of composition & character always leading from the psychology of the story. Besides the 'regular' moodboards this results in the writing of a psychological and stylistic vision for each project.  

No item on screen is accidentally in my design.

Sustainability is a major component in both the way I work as well as the representation on screen.


My work includes mostly features, short films and series.  

Onder de Blote Hemel where a whole campsite was created, This is gonna be great, an slightly absurd dramady set in Berlin, OKEDOEIBEDANKT, the first feature in sign language, Anne+ the feature film for the much needed and important first Queer series ever made in the Netherlands. 

Series like Petticoat, set in the 1950’s with just that ‘larger than life' feeling.

Carefully styled sets for International Psychological thriller Peitruss or sets in a color palette for the children series about fear and how to use your fantasy to overcome them, KABAM! (International Emmy Award Winner*)

Besides my work in production design I strive to develop myself in photography and the human psyche.

I love to hear from you to help you create new worlds or.. where to get the best coffee in town,


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